1992 US Mint Columbus Quincentenary Coins - Proof Set

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The Columbus Quincentenary Coins proof set by the US Mint comes in original green velvet presentation case with outer box and slipcover.  Certificate of Authenticity included.  This collectible set was created by the US Mint to commemorate the 500th Anniversary of Columbus' Discovery of the New World.

This set, minted in 1992, includes:

- $5 Gold Coin, West Point Mint
Obverse:  Portrait of Columbus, facing map of New World
Reverse:  Crest of the Admiral of the Oceans
- $1 Silver Coin, Philadelphia Mint
Obverse:  Columbus by globe, ships in background
Reverse:  split image: Santa Maria and US Space Shuttle Discovery
- $.50 Half Dollar Coin, San Francisco Mint
Obverse:  Columbus landing in the New World
Reverse: 3 ships: Nina, Pinta, Santa Maria