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Why Sell?

After you have enjoyed your jewelry you can get cash or trade in for items that you would enjoy more. You may own broken pieces of jewelry, lost or mismatched earrings, or were given a gift of jewelry that you no longer want or never fit your style. Or perhaps you have inherited or have no one to leave your sterling tea set, sterling flatware, or old coin or currency collection.

There are many reasons to sell or trade your items and all are great reasons to at least find out how much they might be worth the choice is always up to you if you wish to sell!

Sell Gold or Sell Silver to the Silver and Gold Exchange with confidence!

Regardless of what you are selling… Sterling Silver flatware, holloware, silverware, tea sets, trays, platters or jewelry or Gold jewelry, scrap gold, gold rings, chains, watches, earrings, etc we can help! We also pay cash for silver bars, silver coins, silver bullion as well as gold coins, gold bars, and gold bullion.

Items We Purchase

Large diamonds (0.5 ct or larger);

Class rings; dented jewelry

Broken jewelry and mismatched earrings

Sterling flatware and sterling goods

Scrap gold and silver


gold, silver and platinum coins; proof coins; bullion

Dimes, quarters, halves and silver dollars 1964 or older;

1965-1969 Kennedy Half Dollars

  • All precious metal items (no plated or filled)
  • 1 carat and up Natural Diamonds (no enhanced or synthetic)
  • High End Watches
  • Old Coins and Currency
  • Sterling Flatware and goods

What We Offer

  • Secure Premises
  • Private Room Available
  • No appointment necessary Mon-Fri 10AM-5PM
  • Appointments only Sat-Sun
  • Buying available by appointment before or after hours and Sunday
  • If your broken or damaged jewelry is worth $100 you can receive $100 cash or choose to receive $150 in store credit.

Selling Ideas

  • Wedding Bands, Class Rings
  • Dented or Broken Jewelry
  • Broken Rings, Chains, bracelets
  • Necklace & Charms
  • Gold & Platinum Wire
  • Dental gold
  • Any Sterling Items

Buying Process

Visit Our Store



  • All items you bring in are weighed and assessed right in front of you.
  • If you are unsure if your items are made out of precious metal we will perform a test, free of charge, to determine the metal content.
  • After the worth of your items is determined it is completely up to you if you wish to sell them or keep them: You Are the Boss!


Mail in Your Items

  • Please call or send us a short e-mail describing some of the pieces you wish to send us:
  • After going over these items we will send or give you an approval to send them in. (In most non-approval cases the amount of items will not justify the cost of shipping them.) (Also if you are unsure of the metal content in large items like: sterling tea sets or flatware we will ask you to only send in the smallest piece of the set so that a test can be performed to determine if the set will prove cost effective to ship.)
  • Once we receive your items we will assess their value (just as we would if you visited our store) and we will call or e-mail you (your preference) and you can determine if you would like to sell or keep them. If you wish to keep your items you will not be charged anything over the cost of the return shipment back to you and if you wish to sell we will issue you a check from our store.

How We Determine Value

The value of your items, whether you visit our store or mail in pieces, are based upon the fluctuating price of their metal content. (Exchange rates and gold prices are based on the market bid.)

While metal values can change several times daily gold has consistently been at record breaking high, as you can see from the graph (shown right), making right now an ideal opportunity to earn top dollar on your gold!

1. Gold jewelry is not 100% gold.

18K is 75% pure gold, 14K is 58 % pure gold, 10K gold is 41 % pure gold.

Therefore if an item is 18K gold, it is worth more than a similar item made of 10K gold. Hint: Sometimes yellow dental gold can be worth more than 14K gold!

Platinum jewelry is 90% pure platinum.

An ounce of platinum is much smaller than an ounce of gold because it is heavier and denser. In addition, platinum costs more per ounce. Therefore, all platinum jewelry is significantly more valuable than any gold jewelry of equal size and weight.

2. Damaged gold isn’t worth less than wearable gold.

If you are selling scrap gold, a single earring, broken gold jewelry or damaged jewelry is worth the same per ounce, gram or penny weight as a piece that is in wearable condition.

However, if you are selling wearable gold jewelry to an antique and estate jeweler like St. John & Myers, then it may be worth more because it can be resold. With a large network of contacts, your item may be resold out of the city, or even out of the country – not melted down.

Did you know that we offer a free e-newsletter?

3. Older jewelry may be more valuable.

True antique or period-correct pieces of jewelry can be worth MUCH MORE than the value of their metal content. If you have jewelry older than 50 years and are considering selling, you owe it to yourself to bring it to an antique and estate jewelry expert like St. John & Myers. Our primary business is buying and selling antique, period-correct and estate jewelry. Come sell to the experts. It’s what we do.

4. When you compare offers, be sure that you are comparing “apples to apples”.

While some companies buy gold in troy ounces (Toz), others buy in penny weight (dwt). Still others may make their offers in grams (g). A gram is less than a penny-weight, a penny-weight is less than an ounce.

5. Before you sell your gold, know your expert.

When the price of gold rises, the number and types of businesses that buy gold also rises. But are all of them experts? No, most are not! Be sure that you understand the motivation behind each type of business buying gold, silver, platinum, coins and other items of value BEFORE you sell:

  • Pawn Shops – their main business is to loan money at a rate of interest, not to buy jewelry. They deal in everything – tools, cars, videos, guns and musical instruments – anything of value. Jewelry is usually not the primary focus of their business. Loaning money on items, not buying items, is their primary focus and expertise.
  • Coin Shops – their primary business and expertise may lie with coins. They tend to be very low buyers of gold, jewelry, and diamonds.
  • Hotel Buying Events – these businesses usually travel from town to town and conduct business for a weekend only. They offer very little for items of value. These events only occur when the price of gold is high. If there is a problem, the seller has little recourse. The event does little to support the local economy and the buyers are usually strangers to the town.
  • TV Mail-In Companies – these businesses don’t exist in your community, but they spend lots
  • of money to appear on your TV. Customers ship their gold far away to be appraised and bought by someone they will never meet. These companies are typically very very low buyers of gold, and there will be little opportunity for recourse should your experience be unsatisfactory.
  • Chain Jewelry Stores – their primary business is selling new jewelry. Normally, these types of businesses do not buy, but sometimes they will host buying events in their stores. The buying events are run by non-local vendors. If there is a problem, the seller usually has no recourse with the store. If you shop their offers, you will find that the outside vendor typically pays less than a local business.
  • Independent Stores – their primary business is to sell jewelry, but when the price of gold is high, they may start buying jewelry from the public. Usually, these businesses are ok buyers of gold and jewelry, but lack an expertise in coins or antique and estate jewelry.
  • Antique Stores - their primary business is furniture, glass, collectibles and art. They usually lack expertise in coins or antique and estate jewelry. Therefore, they tend to be low buyers of gold and jewelry.


We are committed to providing our customers with exceptional service while offering our employees the best training.



We are committed to providing our customers with exceptional services.

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Diamond Masters USA Coins is locally owned.

We have a GIA gemologist and years of experience in appraising, designing and repairing jewelry.

Diamond Master is a member of JA - Jeweler of America, ANA - American Numismatic Association, GIA Alumni Association and BBB.


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